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Laurelhurst offers a variety of programs aimed to enrich students' experiences

Art Explorers

Art Explorers combines an Art History Lesson with an Art Project. This program is led by parent volunteers, called Art Docents. Each lesson focuses on a specific artist, examining their life and work at an age appropriate level. Discussion is followed by a hands-on art project, where students create art in the style or genre specific to the featured artist. An emphasis will be placed on studying art from a diverse range of cultures, artists and time periods.

Literacy Month

This program seeks to promote a love for reading through a series of school-wide literary activities. Examples of activities include: bookmark contests, teacher-guided reading lists and student book report displays. Literacy month is scheduled in March.

Music Education

The Laurelhurst PTA is proud to partner with the University of Washington’s School of Music to provide music curriculum for our students in grades K – 5. The program includes listening, singing, rhythmic chanting, moving, dancing, and playing instruments to help students learn and understand the elements of music. Music from other cultures is introduced, in addition to traditional American children's music games and songs. Each class has music instruction once per week. Instruction is grade-level appropriate and follows a standards-based curriculum. 

Science Fair

Science Enrichment activities are planned throughout the school year to enrich the science program at Laurelhurst. The Aki Kurose Science Fair is an annual non-competitive event held each spring. Students of all grade levels are encouraged to do a science project at home and present it at the fair. It is a special evening for families to explore science together.

Math Challenge

LASER organizes Laurelhurst After-School Enrichment classes, which offers a variety of after-school enrichment classes for elementary-age children at Laurelhurst.  The aim of these classes is to provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and enhance their learning.  Available classes range from arts to languages to sports to STEM and beyond.  ASE classes are taught by credentialed Seattle-area vendors to ensure a quality experience for each child.

Instrumental Music

Laurelhurst also has an Instrumental Music program available to 4th and 5th grade students on a space-available basis. 

Science fair_feeding plants.jpeg

STEM assemblies

The PTA organizes STEM-themed assemblies throughout the year to further enrich student's STEM education. Assemblies are currently being held virtually.

After school enrichment

Unfortunately, due to current health restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, our after-school extracurricular program is currently on hold. Stayed tuned for future info regarding 2022-23 programing!

Reflections Art Contest

The Reflections program provides opportunities for recognition and access to the arts. Each year, students create original works of art in response to a student-selected theme. This program is led by the National PTA and takes place at Laurelhurst in the fall.

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