Laurelhurst Elementary Fundraising: An Overview

There may be several times you are asked to donate money to our school, and for many families, these requests can be confusing and feel duplicative. This summary will explain the different mechanisms our community uses to raise money and the purpose of each request. Thank you for being part of the Laurelhurst Elementary community. Your giving makes a difference in many ways to many students and families.

Funding Futures
The Laurelhurst PTA has an annual giving campaign called Funding Futures. The sole purpose of this campaign is to fund the PTA’s operating budget. 100% of these contributions go directly to our kids and teachers! This money supports essential programs that the district does not fund including: a dedicated reading specialist, reading and math tutors, music and art, science and literacy enrichment, field trips and more. Last year, our PTA invested $750 per student during the school year. The Funding Futures campaign will run for 2 weeks in mid-October. Learn more at:

Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation (FOLF)
Founded by visionary neighbors in 1998, the Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation (FOLF), is a nonprofit, community foundation dedicated to maintaining a $1+ million endowment that enriches the educational experience of Laurelhurst Elementary students, now and into the future, by complementing our PTA’s budget. FOLF supports current needs but also looks ahead to the needs of future generations. Recent FOLF contributions to LES exceed $150,000 and include funding for a full-time teacher and part-time reading specialist; implementing Playworks and the Readers and Writers programs; and supporting reading and math materials, assessments and curriculum needs.
FOLF’s Five for Five (545) Campaign asks families to contribute $500/year for 5 years. FOLF hosts a special celebration at JM Cellars in Woodinville for those who contribute. Learn more at:

Community Outreach
The Benevolent Bears outreach fund is intended to help our greater community. It does not come out of the PTA operating budget or from the annual Funding Futures campaign. This fund supports our school counselor, Ms. Emily Rosen, in providing effective, responsive interventions to address student needs and to advocate for students and families who may struggle financially. In the past, this has included helping students and families in our community with meal support during weekends and school breaks, creating a giving wreath to help school families with gifts for their children during the holiday season, and providing scholarships for instrumental music, field trips, and Kids Carnival & Ice Cream Social activity tickets. During the 2018-19 school year, the community outreach fund was supported with money from Scrip, a spring Move-a-Thon, and various other donations.

Classroom Fund
You may receive a request from your child’s room parents for money toward a classroom fund (typically a onetime contribution of up to $50). This money goes toward teacher gifts during the holidays and at the end of year as well as various classroom expenses, such as parties, snacks, art projects, or extra school supplies.