Thursday, October 6th- NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION!

“National Day of Action”
From the Laurelhurst Teachers:

On Thursday morning the Laurelhurst staff will be participating in a walk-in. The legislature is saying that they have fully funded education with the exception of teacher salaries. They are proposing to fully fund teacher salaries if we give up our bargaining. The walk-in is to demonstrate our solidarity in support of our bargaining rights.

I’m hoping you can pass the word along and recruit a few people to help out. We have two boards that need to be created showing what our PTA and community funds for us, and our “wish list”. I have the boards. It would also be nice to have as many parents and families come out in support that morning as possible. The plan is for everyone to meet on the North playground after our staff photo around 9:15. The staff will then “walk-in” or get their classes when the bell rings at 9:30. Everyone is encouraged to wear red in support of the union. We would also like to get a photo of our school with the poster boards to send to the union to show our participation.

Additionally, this year in our legislative district (specifically Federal Way), there are 2 candidate positions up for vote that may be able to push the legislation to eliminate our bargaining through. There will be a few dates before the upcoming election where several school districts will be sending out door-bellers in Federal Way to communicate the situation. We would love to get people from our school community out to help with this!  The dates are; October 15th, 29th, and November 5th.

There will also be a meeting with 6 legislators in the Roosevelt High School library on Thursday from 4-5 pm. This meeting is unprecedented- the legislators have never met with a group of constituents prior to the beginning of their session. The SEA is asking that we get as many staff members and families to attend as possible to show our solidarity in fully funding schools!

– Dena Bonn