STEAM Nights

STEM Nights!

STEAM NIGHTS at Laurelhurst Elementary: S cience, T echnology, E ngineering, A rt and M ath.

Join us for three nights of fun, experiments and explorations of the arts and sciences in the cafeteria.

 Wednesday, January 20 – 6:30 pmDiscovering Science

Up, Up and Away with Mad Science

This spellbinding special event illustrates the principles of air pressure. Students will be astonished as a soda bottle is crushed by the atmosphere, and will learn how the forces at work affect the world around us. Mad Scientists will make a hot air balloon out of a dry-cleaning bag and have a volunteer demonstrate the science behind a parachute. Watch a vortex generator at work, ride a hovercraft, and see how pressure can be used to create cinematic special effects! It’s all possible when

you send kids Up, Up and Away!


Wednesday, March 9 – 6:30 pmBuilding LEGO/Robotics

Learn to solve problems and to build robots with LEGOS! This will be a fun night of learning about robotics; while playing with everyone’s favorite toy! This exciting night is sponsored by LASER.


Wednesday, May 4 – 6:30 pmExploring Artists

The Art Explorers will be hosting an art night with multiple art stations featuring the artist studied throughout the school year. You and your child will get to recreate your own Van Gogh sunflower, mini block print from Hokusai, a jazzy picture from Calef Brown and a self-portrait from Kehinde Wiley.