Seattle School Strike Update

The Seattle Education Association (SEA) has officially declared a strike for Wed, Sept 9th.  Until Seattle Public Schools (SPS) and SEA can come to an agreement on all terms, the first day of school will be delayed day by day.  SPS should let all families know by phone and/or email as soon as the status for the next school day is known.  Teachers and other members of SEA may be picketing in front of the school.
The Laurelhurst Elementary PTA supports the teachers and staff, but we are part of the Seattle Council PTSA, which does not advocate for disruptions to the education day.
For childcare options, we’ve seen the following nearby places offer day camps.  Please email us at [email protected] if you are aware of more options:
Ravenna Community Center
Northgate Community Center
Meadowbrook Community Center
TGA of Greater Seattle
Alpha Martial Arts
Squirrelly Art Studio + Gift Workshop
Sylvan of Seattle
Wedgwood Drama School
Many families have questioned how the delay will impact our school year.  We believe the make up days will be negotiated as part of the SEA-SPS contract, and will provide an update as soon as we have one.
As of today, the Welcome Coffee Hour will be postponed to the rescheduled first day of school in the gymnasium after drop off, and the PTA General Meeting for Friday morning shall proceed as scheduled.
For key issues from both sides, you can visit the Seattle Education Association’s website or the Seattle Public Schools website. KIRO TV’s website also has an informative Q&A about the issues at hand.
Please inform yourself and voice your opinions on this matter to:
SPS Bargaining Team: Geoff Miller, Director Labor and Employee Relations
SPS Superintendent: Larry Nyland
SPS Deputy Superintendent: Charles Wright
SPS Assistant Superintendent, Teaching & Learning: Michael Tolley
SPS Assistant Superintendent, Operations: Peg McEvoy
SEA President: Jonathan Knapp
SEA Vice President: Phyllis Campano
SEA Executive Director: John Donaghy
SEA Community & Government Relations: Lisa Jacobs
Please forward to other Laurelhurst Elementary School families.


Your Laurelhurst Elementary PTA

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