Laurelhurst PTA News February 7, 2016

Laurelhurst PTA News

February 7, 2016

Important Dates

  • 2/8 & 2/9 Calef Brown (author & illustrator) visits all classes during library
  • 2/9 Tues – 2:30pm – Winter Music Concert Assembly
  • 2/15-2/16 – NO SCHOOL – President’s Day & Mid-Winter Break Day
  • 2/23 Tues – 6:30pm – PTA General Meeting (in library)
  • 2/25 Thurs – 6:00-8:00pm – Literacy Night (in cafeteria)
  • 3/1 Tues – 9:40am – Principal’s Monthly Chat (in library)
  • 3/2 Wed – 6:00-7:00pm – Prospective Parent Night (in library)
  • 3/9 Wed – 6:30-7:30pm – STEAM Night (in cafeteria)
  • 3/18 Fri – 6:00pm – SCHOOL AUCTION at Club Husky
  • 3/23 Wed – 1:40pm – EARLY DISMISSAL Staff Professional Development

News from around the PTA

Important Yearbook Information
It is time to order your yearbooks! Do not miss out on the opportunity to buy this year’s book! The children absolutely love them and they are great keepsakes!

The cost is only $17 and you can order ONLINE!
Please go to Click Shop Your School. Follow the instructions to place your order. It is as easy as that! No checks to get lost or misplaced forms!
We have a ton of space for candids this year, so please start submitting your photos! We are looking for photos from field trips, assemblies, class parties, playground, special events.

2 New & EASY ways to share your photos with the yearbook staff!!

1. We now have access to an app that you can get on your phone that will allow you to instantly upload your phone pictures directly to our yearbook. The app is called PICTAVO COMMUNITY and is available through the App Store and Google play. 
2. For the pictures that are stored on your computer, please go to to upload to the yearbook.
**For Both the app and computer, you will have to create an account and provide our school ID.
Our school ID is 58285
Once you are logged in you will see a list of folders. Please choose the folder that matches your picture. For example; You have field trip pictures from Ms. Bonn’s class. Just locate the Bonn folder and upload your pictures. If the picture includes children from the other First Grade classes as well, choose the first grade folder. There are also other categories listed: Halloween, Safety Patrol, Watch Dogs etc… Please limit your uploads to your best and favorite pictures. 
Any questions please email Jincey at [email protected] or Melanie at [email protected]
Literacy Month Continues!
Teacher and Staff Recommendations have been updated! Please look at the Laurelhurst website on the righthand side of the page under Resources. Recommendations are organized by grade level! Have your students be on the look out for Staff Reoommendations that are hung around the school.
Please have your children bring in books for the book swap by Friday Feb 19th so we can have a great evening at Literacy Night on Thursday February 25th!
If you would like to help with Literacy Month please contact Beth Cogan at [email protected]
Art Explorer News
We are thrilled to welcome Calef Brown, author, illustrator and artist to our school on Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 8th and 9th!  If you didn’t pre-order a book, there will be a limited number of titles signed by Calef Brown at the School Auction in March.
questions: Laura Wright [email protected]  Cecilia Villasenor [email protected]
Backpack Brigade – Donations Needed Every Week!
Collection bins are located in the front main entrance and food will be collected daily.

The canned food needed is very specific. Please make sure items are individual servings, “pop tops” or easy to open, and microwaveable.

“Main” meals, such as: mac and cheese cups, soup, stew, beefaroni, ravioli, tuna fish packs
Breakfasts, such as: instant oatmeal or individual cereal cups
Snacks, such as: granola bars, fruit cups, fruit snacks, raisins, chips, crackers
Drinks, such as: shelf-stable milk, 100% fruit juice

Financial donations also accepted. Please make checks out to “Backpack Brigade” and note “Laurelhurst backpacks” on your gift. Envelope located in the office. Backpack Brigade is a 501 (c) (3) organization UBI 603 500 406, Tax ID: 47-4086877

If you are in need and would like to sign-up for the program, please contact Cheryl Manor, School Counselor, at [email protected] (all requests are confidential).

For information, or if you’d like to help volunteer, please contact Karina Kunins, [email protected]

News from the Auction!

Thank you for your generous donations to the Laurelhurst PTA Auction! This amazing effort would not be possible without the support of all of you, so thanks for helping bring home a big win for Laurelhurst Elementary!
Online Auction opens on March 1st and runs through March 10th.
Silent and Live Auction – ‘Homecoming, A Night to Remember’at UW’s Club Husky on Friday, March 18th.

News from LASER

Parents’ Night Out
Parents’ Night Out–Friday, February 12–at Bryant!  $25 per child, $15 per sibling. 6:00-11:00pm. Theme: “Will you be my valentine?” Breakfast for dinner (waffles, fruit and more), Despicable Me 2, group games, Valentine’s Day crafts, and a snack!  Transportation is available on the LASER minibus. Sign up online: or email Robby at [email protected] for more information.

Mid-Winter Break Day Camp
Registration is open for LASER @ Sand Point mid-winter break day camp–Tuesday, February 16. Join LASER for fun, physical activities like Zumba, tumbling and more! To sign up for camp, please register online at Day Camp hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm. LASER will be closed on Monday, February 15.

News from the Teachers & AdministrationReport Card Envelopes
Report Cards went home with most students just before Winter Break. (A few teachers gave theirs out during conferences so this doesn’t apply for those students). We ask that you sign the envelope, keep the report card, and return the large manila envelope to their teacher. This assures us that you received their report card, and allows us to reuse the envelope twice more. Report cards will be sent home for the second trimester near the end of March. Then at the end of the year, you get their final report card and any test results or final papers from their teacher on their last day. Thanks!

Drop Off and Pick-Up, Loading/Unloading and NO PARKING Reminder!
Sounding like a broken record here, it appears necessary for another reminder to be considerate of everyone’s safety, not just your convenience, and follow the parking/loading signs and painted curbs. DO NOT PARK and exit your vehicle in the load zones during drop/off and pick up! Do NOT park/load in neighbors’ driveways, or across the street (especially in front of the school). There are No Parking signs on the west side of the block for a reason. Please circle the block clockwise, loading/unloading only on the curb side of your vehicle. Make sure your children are packed up and have their last minute reminders BEFORE you stop in the load zone so the process works SAFELY for EVERYONE!

Pants and Underwear Still Needed!
We are still critically low on changes of pants (all sizes), and underwear (especially boys) are needed in all sizes. If you have any that was borrowed, please launder and return it. Also, if you have any outgrown clothing to donate, please bring or send it to the office any time!

Needed: Reading Tutors
Join the great group of tutors for Laurelhurst Elementary!  We are looking for a morning reading tutor for small groups of 3rd graders, Sound Partners and some recess duty. Contact Ed Roos if you are interested:  [email protected]

Counseling Corner
Our school continues to work on being UPSTANDERS.  The whole school signed a new UPSTANDER Banner, by signing the banner they agreed to try their best to be an  Upstander and follow the Upstander promise.
Upstander Promise :
To be kind to each other
To stand up for each other
To include one another
To tell an adult if someone is being hurtful
They all received an Upstander wristband to help remind them to be an Upstander. Please encourage your students to be Upstanders at school and outside of school.

Keep up the good work!

Teacher Walk In
Our teachers will be participating in a “Walk In” on Thursday, February 18 before school starts.  Teachers around the nation in 20 major US cities will be participating in a walk in in hopes of spreading a message to our state legislature who will be in session on this date that all our schools must be fully funded.  Our teachers will gather in front of the school and all walk in together. If parents want to bring donuts, bagels, coffee, fruit, etc., the teachers will greatly appreciate it.  Any parents who also want to wear red and “walk in” with them would be powerful!

Middle School Open Houses

Jane Addams Middle School (JAMS) Tours and Open House
Is your child, neighbor or relative thinking of heading to JAMS next school year? Here are some events to note:

Daytime Tour on February 11 from 9:45 to 10:45am in the JAMS Cafeteria. Please call the main office at 206-­252-­4500 to sign up for one of the daytime tours. The daytime tours are for parents/guardians only. No students, please!

Information and Tour for Prospective students and families on Thursday, February 11 from 6:30­-9pm.
All prospective students and families are welcome to come and learn more about the JAMS community! We will gather in the auditorium for a brief introduction about the school from Principal Montgomery and then families and students will have the opportunity to learn more about our programs. You will be able to see classrooms, look at our curriculum, and ask questions.
JAMS Vision: Every student achieving, everyone accountable, everyone growing and learning – all the time.
JAMS Mission: Jane Addams Middle School is a student-centered, collaborative team actively engaging students, families, and educators in a middle school experience dedicated to academic, social, and emotional growth for all.
Schedule for the Evening:
6:30-6:45pm Welcome and Overview – Auditorium (Program will start on time, school doors will be open at 6:10pm)
6:50-7:05pm Session 1
7:10-7:25pm Session 2
7:30-7:45pm Session 3
7:50-8:05pm Session 4
Sessions (Select four)
Language Arts ~ Social Studies ~ Math ~ Music ~ Counseling/Advisory/Library ~ Science ~ Special Education ~ PTSA, YMCA, Meadowbrook/Athletics ~ World Language ~ Visual Arts ~ Computer Science ~ Physical Education

More Information (Check these pages weekly for updates!): If you have any questions, please call the main office at 206-252-4500.

News from the District

Advanced Learning Update
The Advanced Learning office will notify families (who referred a child by the Oct. 8 deadline) via email about a child’s eligibility as scores are received and processed, late January through February. Families who haven’t received an eligibility email by Feb. 29 should contact Advanced Learning at [email protected] with the subject line “Eligibility Letter.
Enrollment: Families who would like their child to participate in Advanced Learning programs or services in a school other than the attendance-area school should enroll the child during Open Enrollment, Feb. 17 to March 1. Families should submit a School Choice Form during this window even if they have NOT received eligibility results by this time.
Ineligible Students and Appeals: Families who wish to appeal must provide all appeals documents no later than THREE WEEKS from the date of the eligibility email. (We have tightened the appeals window in order to accommodate budget and staffing timelines.)
Eligible Students and Enrollment
o   Highly Capable-eligible students: HC services are guaranteed, either at the attendance-area school or through self-contained classes in the pathway Highly Capable Cohort school. To join the cohort, families should submit a School Choice form during Open Enrollment.
o   Advanced Learning-eligible students: Students may receive advanced work at the attendance-area school or through self-contained or cluster-grouped Spectrum classes, available at designated sites on a space-available basis. Families may submit a School Choice form during Open Enrollment, but a seat is not guaranteed.
K-8 testing continues at least through January, but all families who referred by the Oct. 8 deadline should have received a testing appointment date by now. Those who have not should email [email protected] with the subject line “Winter Testing.”

For details about all of these issues, please see our Advanced Learning Enrollment page and our Advanced Learning Appeals pageStephen Martin, Advanced Learning Supervisor
Phone: 252-0882

News from the Community

Ballard High School Gymnastics is hosting another Kids Camp! 
BHS Gymnastics Kids Camp for Grades K-5, Saturday, February 13, 2016, 4:30-7:30pm. 

Please see our online link to make registration and payment easy:

Seattle Children’s Shave for the Brave: Will you help raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research? 

In case this is the first you’ve heard of us, Rhys is a 1st grader in Mrs. Bonn’s class. Last year he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) just before spring break. He had not been feeling well for a few months but we never imagined it could be anything as serious as cancer! Since then it’s been like our family has been living in a parallel universe. We never knew that kids could get so many kinds of cancer or that treatment was so intensely miserable. Since Rhys’ diagnosis we’ve heard of about half dozen kids in our local who have passed away and several others who are now in hospice care. It’s a very sad universe to dwell in. Rhys had to stop school in April to begin intense chemo treatments and just came back this past January. He’s now in the maintenance phase, which is a lot less difficult, but still has several years to go before we maybe sigh in relief.

Did you know that only 4% of national cancer funding is dedicated to pediatric cancers? In celebration of Rhys surviving a year of treatment, our family was planning to fundraise for St. Baldricks, an organization dedicated solely to funding pediatric cancer research. Conveniently, Seattle Children’s Hospital is hosting its 2nd annual St. Baldricks Shave for the Brave on Wed, March 16th, from 4-7pm at the Ocean cafeteria (7th floor). They are bringing in professional barbers to do the honors. Do you have what it takes to go bald for kids cancer research?
Rhys has gone bald twice in the past year of treatment but this is his first chance to CHOOSE to go bald. His brother, Kailen, who is in Mr. Pittman’s 4th grade class, shaved last May in a virtual event that raised over $1500! You may have noticed a kid with spiky black hair with an orange ribbon running through it. That’s Kailen’s leukemia awareness ribbon that he wears everyday. He’s said he’ll keep shaving until Rhys is all done with treatment, June 2018!
We’ve got 5 members of our family planning to go bald and raise $1000 each. We’d love for the Laurelhurst school community to join us. Childrens Hospital is right in our backyard and it’s important for our community to be aware of the desperate issues in childhood cancer treatment. There are several ways you can get involved and help us spread the word.
A) Join our team and shave in solidarity. We’ve created a team called Goldmanlocks and Laurelhurst Bears, but it’s no fun with no Laurelhurst Bears. See the link below. Kids and parents are all welcome. No fundraising goal is too small. Just think if we got 50 people to raise just $50 each that would be $2500! Let’s show the medical community what an amazing bunch of kids and families we have in Laurelhurst!
B) Donate if you can’t join us and have spare change. You can find any of us on the team page: Rhys G, Gloria G, Oliver G, Rowan G, and Kailen G.
C) Come out on the day of the event. Our family is planning on arriving around 5pm and we’ll be shaving toward the end–after 6:15pm. Rhys may be helping some other participants go bald. It would really help us to have some familiar and supportive faces around because I have a feeling I’ll be bawling the whole time. It’s been a pretty emotional rollercoaster–just living it everyday and hearing about the hardships of all the other kids and families we know. It would mean so much to us to have our community surrounding us with love.
D) Volunteer for the event. Details can be found at the link below.
We really hope to see you there. Rhys and the Goldmanlocks.
Gloria Tzuang, 206-607-9202, [email protected]. Please contact me with any questions, especially if you need help registering yourself or your child. I’m happy to help.
To find out more, join our team, donate please visit our team web site:

One on One School Day Off Basketball Camp (Ages 6-12)
Meadowbrook Community Center
Boys and Girls Ages 6-12
9AM – 3PM / Cost: $75
School is off….don’t get bored…..GET BETTER!  Join One on One Basketball on Tuesday, February 16 at Meadowbrook Community Center for our School Day Off Basketball Camp / Clinic.  We will have fun on the court with a mixture of fundamental skill work, games and controlled scrimmages. This a great opportunity for those playing on teams to hone their individual skills and knowledge during the season.

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