Exciting news for our unicycle riders
Starting October 14th I will be offering a morning unicycle riding period. It will start at 9:05 and is for unicycle riders. I will be offering this on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 9:05-9:25 am. This “zero” hour period is great because it will give students a chance to exercise before school and allow them to be in a positive mindset for school and learning. There is no cost for this unicycle period.

Parent email is required for participation! This allows me to know how many to expect and who to email in case I am out sick on a given day.  Please email me by the end of Monday October 13 if your child plans to participate.

The school’s schedule has changed from last year.  This new time, before school is the best option at this time.  So, next week we will be starting on Tuesday October 14th, at 9:05, in the gym. Helmets are required. Whether we have a unicycle performance team this year will depend on how many riders participate and their riding abilities. Happy riding! Parent volunteers are encouraged and welcome as well.