Don’t forget the Family Pot-Luck and Grounds cleanup this week!

This week we have two all-family events!

IMG_9348Multicultural Potluck Dinner and Spring Concert at 6:00 on Wednesday in the cafeteria. Your children will be performing for you! Please bring a dish to share, representing your cultural heritage. (See attached) Thanks Lisa Hanson and Christina McCracken for organizing. If you are interested in coordinating this event next year, inquire/volunteer with these ladies now.

Spring Grounds Clean-up Work Party is from 8 amNoon on Saturday. Come help spruce up the school grounds on Saturday morning. Stay for an hour, stay for the whole time. Anything helps. The more hands, the quicker it gets done and the more we can do. We hope for a good showing of volunteers. If you have a favorite weeding tool or gardening gloves, feel free to bring them along (please mark your name on them). Remember, volunteers get great snacks! Thanks Paul Hanson and David Kinney for organizing.