Black History Month is Celebrated at LES!

February is Black History Month – February 5th-9th is “Black Lives Matter in Education” Week

The Laurelhurst PTA supports the Seattle Education Association’s “Black Lives Matter in Education” program in the Seattle Schools. Information can be found at Our school will be celebrating and educating in the following ways:

  • At the morning assembly on Monday February 5th, students will learn the song “We Shall Overcome”. Some will share their experiences and the Word of the Month “Acceptance” will be introduced. Some school staff will be wearing their Black Lives Matter T-shirts.
  • Each afternoon from Feb 5-9th, the PTA will have a table set up on the North Playground (or outside the library if raining) to answer any questions parents have about activities occurring during the month.
  • Educators will be using lesson plans and resources provided by the SEA Union’s Center for Race and Equity. Topics may include Equity, Fairness, and Why We Need to Continue the Work of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Each Grade Level will be working on a project and bulletin board to recognize Black History Month. Individual teachers will send more information about their class activities in their February Newsletter.

*Please remember that “Black Lives Matter in Education” Week is sponsored by the Seattle Education Association rather than the Seattle School District or Laurelhurst Administration. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact Beth Cogan, PTA Community Outreach Coordinator, at [email protected]