BEAR hugs! A special note from the Laurelhurst Teachers!

The Laurelhurst Staff Says Thanks
Posted on 09/29/2017

Dear Laurelhurst Community,

The teachers and staff at Laurelhurst would like to thank you for your incredibly generous financial support that allowed us to avoid cutting a teacher from our staff. We all cheered the announcement that parents and community members had pulled together to maintain the classes as they currently exist.

The outpouring of support makes us feel so valued and appreciated in the work we do with your children. It’s times like this that remind us of why we elect to work here at Laurelhurst Elementary School. People make the teaching profession a delight and our hearts are full with joy thanks to you.

We’d like to thank the many people who sent emails, made calls and solicited the necessary funds. The timeline makes it clear that you had to put aside other responsibilities to prioritize the school. We appreciate all the time you put into making this happen.


The Laurelhurst Staff

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