Bear Bulletin – 9/15

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Monday, Sept 15

  • Kid Mail Day – Look for mail coming home with your children today

Tuesday, Sept 16

Wednesday, Sept 17

  • Parent University and PTA Meeting, 6:30 pm

Thursday, Sept 18

  • Deadline for submissions to this weekly newsletter is Midnight tonight. Submit to: [email protected]

Friday, Sept 19

Saturday, Sept 20

  • Grounds Clean-up Work Party, 8 am – noon

Upcoming Events

  • Sept 241:40 EARLY DISMISSAL, Staff Professional Development
  • Sept 25 – Principal’s Monthly Chat and PTA Open House, 9:40 am
  • October – International Walk To School Month


Join us for PARENT University Night! This Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm

Back by popular demand, we have a full slate of teachers and community experts sharing their wisdom on topics like Fostering Independence, Mathematical Thinking, Positive Behavior Interventions and the New Testing Environment. You are guaranteed to come away enlightened, informed and ready to help your students this year! See the attachment below for the full schedule of sessions to choose from.


The PTA will start off the night with a short General Meeting in the lunchroom. Learn about what’s new and coming up, hear from Principal Talbot and then head off to breakout sessions throughout the building.


New this year! FREE childcare for the first 30 kids who register with our partners at LASER! We want to see a great turnout and are pleased to offer childcare for up to 30 kids (ages 5-12yrs only). Don’t delay!  Email LASER at [email protected]. See the LASER NEWS section below for more details.

School Grounds Clean-Up Work Party Saturday Morning from 8 am – Noon

We are hoping for a good group of volunteers this Saturday morning! There will be fun, fellowship and FOOD for the volunteers…and plenty of projects! Tools provided. Young helpers are welcome, too. Work alongside friends, and make some new ones while helping get the grounds spruced up for the long winter months. Even if you can’t stay all morning, please help out for an hour or two!

Enterovirus Has Arrived in Our Area

As you may have heard on the news, there are reports that the Enterovirus that is causing illness in children across the Northwest has come to the Seattle area. Below is information from King County Public Health about this virus:

  • The virus does not have a cure, and this year’s flu shot does not include vaccination against it.
  • The virus usually causes cold-like symptoms, but sometimes comes with severe respiratory symptoms like coughing and difficulty breathing.
  • Children with asthma and respiratory issues are at the most risk for any complications.
  • Children don’t need to see a doctor unless they have severe and worsening cold symptoms or difficulty breathing.

Staff and children can help protect themselves from respiratory illnesses by following these steps:

  • Wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid kissing, hugging, and sharing cups or eating utensils with people who are sick
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces, such as toys and doorknobs, especially if someone is sick
  • Catch your cough in your sleeve to reduce spread
  • Prevent respiratory illness by getting your flu shot.

2014-15 Reflections Student Art Program – Calling All Creative Kids!
Happy Arts in Education Week!


We encourage all students to explore their creativity and submit an entry in support of the theme


‘The World Would Be a Better Place if…’


Creating a Reflections entry is as easy as 1….2….3! Please see the below tools that are being provided to make Reflections easy and fun!


Step 1:  The Reflections Bulletin Board

Check it out in the Main Hallway!  This will be the hub of Reflections information to inspire and motivate our kids as they think about what “The World Would Be a Better Place If” means to them. Our first step is BRAINSTORMING. There are no right or wrong “answers” in art, so let’s inspire our kids to let their imagination run wild!


Step 2:  Library Exploration

Our kick-off library discussion will be this week! Students will have the opportunity to explore ideas about this year’s theme, ‘The World Would Be a Better Place if,’ with the one and only Mr. Brown during their classroom Library time. Our wonderful Reflections volunteers will also provide students with an optional worksheet in library to support them in developing that ‘big idea’ and explore ways they might express themselves. (If you would like to assist your child’s class during this brainstorming please contact us at the emails below.)


Step 3:  Material Packets and due dates

Just like last year, we will pre-assemble some basic material packets at no cost to families. Sign-up forms are going home in kidmail this week. In order to help us prepare enough pre-assembled kits, please return the sign-up form to your child’s teacher or the Reflections box in the main office by this Friday, Sept. 19th. Simply select the medium your entry will be in (visual arts, literary, dance choreography, film, photography, or music composition) and fill out your child’s name, grade, teacher/room #. Materials will then be delivered to your child during their regularly scheduled library time next week (Sept. 22nd-26th) and final artwork is due October 24th in the library.


Questions? Contact Jeanne Ryan at [email protected] or Ann Buratto at [email protected].

Love To Learn Slips

You may have noticed a new addition to our systems for positive feedback at Laurelhurst this year. We’re giving students “Love to Learn” slips when they demonstrate our school values. The values are:

Be a Learner

Everyone’s included

Always do your best

Respect others

Safety first

According to cognitive behavioral theory, when you’re trying to help someone change a behavior, intermittent positive reinforcements are the most powerful kinds of feedback you can use. We use these slips of paper to let students know they’re doing great! We could not possibly give them a slip every time they’re doing great, because they do great most of the time. The unpredictable nature of when a student might get a Love to Learn Slip is what makes them “intermittent”. That makes them more reinforcing, and more likely to positively influence the behavior of the student who received the slip and those around who didn’t.

The slips have no inherent value. They are being stapled to a bulletin board so that we can see as a school how many we’re collecting. As a collection, they act as a reminder of the many, many times we do enact our values. Once a week, I’ll draw a name from each grade level in a random drawing and provide some small prize to a small group of students. During our first week, I drew names and took the students’ picture for the school website. During our second week, Mr. Roos drew names and those students announced their first name and room on the school-wide intercom.

Schools so often use negative feedback and reminders (“don’t run in the halls!”) in an attempt to get students to change habits that detract from a safe and orderly learning environment. We hope that the Love to Learn slips are a more effective, positive reminder of all the things we do right every day.

If your student comes home with a Love to Learn slip, feel free to put it on the refrigerator with a magnet as a reminder of the way that most (or maybe all!) of the time, your student does behave really well at school and at least this once, an adult wanted to let your child know that someone noticed.

Calendar Correction

It was brought to my attention (by an organized parent who was entering all of our school calendar information on their planning calendar) that the 2-hour early dismissal times in March and June from your first day packet and family handbook were incorrect. They should be corrected to 1:40 pm.

Advanced Learning Nomination Time Is Now – It Only Happens Once a Year!

Parents who feel that their children may be academically advanced and would benefit from accelerated learning opportunities are invited to explore the Advanced Learning pages on the Seattle Public Schools website: Referral forms are available for download there. Applications for 2015-16 eligibility testing are due by Thursday, Oct. 2.


Please submit your Parent/Guardian Nomination forms to the school office.

NOTE: The teacher page is best completed by their teacher from last year, who knows them better.

Volunteer / Visitor Protocol at Laurelhurst

All volunteers must complete the background check document from the first day packet and present photo ID in the school office each year. You can attach a clear photocopy of your driver’s license if you are unable to come in person. NEW: Per the volunteer packet, volunteers must also complete the online components as well, reading the volunteer handbook and completing the adult sexual misconduct training. All volunteers must sign in and out at the office. While you are in here, you should be wearing a Volunteer or Visitor badge. Please return badges each time as you sign out. You may not use student restrooms. Adult restrooms are located on each floor (2nd floor mid-hallway west side, 1st floor in Nurse’s office and south of the lunchroom). Thank you for your cooperation. We love our volunteers!

Instrumental Music for 4th & 5th Graders (Please see attachments to this newsletter for details)

Dear Families of 4th and 5th graders,


It is time to kick off our instrumental music program for the year!  Classes are offered once a week during the regular school day with a daytime concert on February 10 and an evening concert on June 2.  Instrumental music is great fun but also a significant commitment.  So, please pay careful attention to the details below if your child wants to participate.


Expectations of Students in the Program: Students participating in instrumental music are expected to bring their instrument and supplies to school each week on class day, and to practice five or more times per week at home.  Students will have charts on which to record practicing assignments each week, which are collected when complete.  Students are expected to participate in the winter and spring concerts listed above.  Instrumental Music progress is reflected on the students’ progress reports.  Please note that students who are regularly unprepared for class may be removed from the program, since progress and learning cannot take place without instrument in hand.


Enrollment: Enrollment is ONLINE and will open at 4:00 pm on September 8!  Registration must be complete by 9:00 AM on Monday, September 15.  The first 80 students who register within the open registration window will be able to participate, with priority given to fifth graders signing up within the registration window.  If your family does not have internet access, please call me at 252-0444 x90056 for assistance.  Late registration will not be accepted.  Go online and register right away!

Register Online at:


Instrument Choice for Beginners:Beginners may choose to play flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, or cello.


Instruments and Supplies: It is the policy of Seattle Public Schools to lend instruments to students enrolled in the free and reduced price lunch program (please indicate need on the registration form).  All other families are responsible for providing an instrument for their child.  Information about rental/purchase of an instrument as well as books and required supplies will be sent home when your child’s instrument assignment is confirmed.  Please do not rent or purchase an instrument until I have contacted you regarding choice of instrument.


Concerts: Students participating in instrumental music are expected to perform in our concerts scheduled for February 10 (daytime) and June 2 (evening).  Please mark these dates on your calendar!


More Questions? Feel free to contact me ([email protected]) regarding additional questions you may have.  In any communication, please indicate what school your student attends, as I teach at multiple locations and situations do vary amongst them!  You can generally expect a response to email within two school days.


I look forward to working with your student in instrumental music this year.  Learning an instrument is an incredible journey, and with your support, we have a great year ahead of us!


Sincerely, Elizabeth J. Knighton    ejknighton (at) seattleschools (dot) org

Help Us to Help You! Avoid Needless Lost Belongings

Please remember to mark your child’s name in their loose and removable items, like backpacks, lunchboxes, coats, sweatshirts, hats, etc. There is a 95% chance that lost items will be returned, if lost at school, by simply having identification in them. Take a minute when you are at school to check the found items collection areas for anything that may be lost that perhaps you’re not even aware of yet! There is a wooden lost and found cupboard at the south end of the hallway, a hanging rack for clothing around the corner from there, and a small drawer in the office for really small items.

School Directory

As most of you saw in your first day packets, the PTA is excited to announce the launch of an app directory tool for Laurelhurst this year.  The new app will allow all approved directory information to be available at your fingertips via smartphones.  Voila!   (Don’t worry though…the traditional printed directory will also be produced as usual.)


The PTA is busily inputting all of the data on directory forms turned in thus far.  In another week or two, we will send out an announcement that the app is up and running, and you will be able to log in using email addresses that are included on your approved form.  Only email addresses turned in on the approved forms may gain access to the app.  So for now, please sit back and wait for further instructions within a couple weeks.


If you have any directory questions let me know!   Christi Nagle.  [email protected]

Support Our School Library

Does your child has an upcoming birthday? Upcoming graduation from elementary school? Grandparents that would like to donate? Please consider supporting the Laurelhurst Library anytime this year by donating a book in your child’s honor. All you have to do is fill out the form coming home in Kid Mail and also available outside the main office all year long, and send in $17. Mr. Brown will purchase a book for your child OR you may purchase the book yourself and bring it in to the library. A special nameplate will be placed in the book with your child’s name on it and they’ll have the first opportunity to check it out! Questions?, contact Julia Diefendorf, j[email protected]

Box Top$ For Education

Did you know our school earned a chunk of money this past year from clipping these Box Top$ from participating products and turning them in at school?  Not only is it an easy moneymaker, it’s a great way for ANYONE to support our school.  (Think friends, relatives, out-of-town grandparents…) Please pass on the word – we want Box Top$!  To make it easier for you, we put a handy collection bag in your First Day Packet, so you could tape it inside a cupboard door. Simply collect and submit a couple times each year (they do expire!).  Questions?  Liz at [email protected]


It Is Time For The Annual PTA Membership Drive!

The Laurelhurst PTA is beginning its annual membership drive. The cost is only $12 per INDIVIDUAL or $24 for both adults in your household. It’s easy to join!

By joining the PTA, you will show your support for schools and children, and express a belief that collectively, we can make a difference. The PTA speaks for the interests of all children and their health, welfare, safety, and education.
A portion of your membership dues and all donations to the Laurelhurst PTA help fund the librarian, math and Sound Partner reading tutors, the general music program, the artist-in-residence program, science enrichment and the Science Fair, Family Math Night, and a variety of assemblies, as well as the purchase of books, computer and PE equipment, and classroom supplies. As you can see how vital a strong and active PTA membership is to our school.  This year we will be distributing membership cards that entitle members to discounts at a variety of businesses. More information will follow regarding the member cards.
Please join the Laurelhurst PTA and be a part of this community. Enrollment information was provided in the First Day Packet and is also available outside the school office. You may contact Gretchen Swapp (PTA Membership Chairman) [email protected]


LASER Childcare

  • LASER is offering childcare for Parent University Night (w/PTA General Mtg) next Wed, 9/17 from 6:30pm-8:30pm.  The PTA is sponsoring the first 30 kids (no cost for the first 30 kids to sign up)!  First come, first serve. Please contact LASER at [email protected] sign up.
  • 2 hr Early Release-Wednesday, Sept. 24th…we are open to our currently enrolled children only.
  • Parent Night Out, Friday, Sept. 26th from 6:15pm-11pm. Game tournaments!! Dinner, snack, group games, arts & crafts, and a movie!! Sign-up at LASER beginning Friday, Sept. 12th. For more info contact Margie at [email protected]
  • Registration is open for before and after school childcare for K to 6th We provide care from 7:00 to 9:25 a.m. and 3:40 to 6:15 p.m. Rates, registration contracts, and required forms are available at the LASER portables and online at . There is no deadline, but space is limited.
  • Signups and information for day camps will be available 2 weeks prior to the camp day.


  • Sign up now! Laser Leaps Class guide and registration contracts are available at LASER, outside the School Office, the LEAPS bulletin board and online at .
  • Fall Leaps Session begins the week of September 29th and runs through December 15th. The deadline to register is Friday, September 26th. We will accept registration after this date, but there are no prorates in the first 2 weeks, except for cancelled classes.
  • Registration is not complete until we have received a). Registration Contract, b). Emergency Card, and c). Full payment. Please return these to LASER or the school office.
  • All classes are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are subject to a minimum enrollment.

Rising Stars Pre-K (Preschool)

  • Pre-K Open Registration – we are still accepting applications for our Rising Stars Pre-K Kindergarten Readiness Program serving 4-5 year olds. Download registration materials online at , stop by the LASER portable or call for more info and materials. There is no deadline, but space is limited.

Check out our website to stay updated on LASER happenings!

Cub Scout Information Session Next Week

Does your son like outdoor activities, like hiking and camping? Do you want to teach him new skills and to give back to the community?  Consider joining Cub Scouts! Seattle Cub Scout Pack 177 is recruiting boys in Grades 1-5 to be new scouts! Come visit an information session and meeting September 22nd, and participate in the Raingutter Regatta! Email us at [email protected] or check out for more info. Join now and attend our first camp October 11th at YMCA Camp Coleman!

Rain City Water Polo

Does your child love the water AND team sports? Then water polo may be the perfect fit. Rain City Water Polo has programs for boys and girls age five and up in north Seattle, west Seattle and Bellevue. We even offer Splashball – a fun form of water polo for those age 5-9. Check out our website for more info at or contact Coach Thor Tyson at [email protected] or at 206-999-5686.

One on One Basketball Fall Pre-Season Basketball Programs

Player Development Programs Ages 6-15 (6 progressive color levels)

Locations:  Ravenna CC, Queen Anne CC, Laurelhurst CC
Begins: Week of September 21st! Check schedule at


Instructional Basketball League Ages 6, 7 & 8
(Great introduction to team play while learning fundamentals – organize a team from your school!)

Location: Meadowbrook CC, Begins: Saturday, November 1st!


Pre-Season Tune-Up Ages 8-13 (perfect for Rec League Teams to train before games begin in January)

Locations:  Ravenna CC
Begins: Saturday November 15th.


Space is limited…register today! Information:

Roosevelt Area Select Basketball Winter Tryouts!

Boys and Girls Teams 2nd-8th Grade

We are proud to announce the Roosevelt-Area Select Basketball Program! It is a community-based program with the goal of bringing together players, coaches and parents in the Roosevelt area to promote competitive basketball that reflects the values of the Roosevelt High School basketball program: Effort, Attitude and Teamwork.  Find us on Facebook under Roosevelt Area Select Basketball or call coach Chase Young at 206-930-7975
Oct. 4th (Saturday) Calvary Christian Assembly Gym 6801 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA. 98115

10-11am 8th Grade Boys / 11-12pm 7th Grade Boys / 12-1pm 6th Grade Boys / 1-2pm 5th Grade Boys / 2-3pm 2nd-4th Grade Boys
3-4pm 7th-8th Grade Girls / 4-5pm 4th-6th Grade Girls

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