Basics of Bicycling for 3-5th graders

Bicycling is one of the easiest ways for elementary school students to practice healthy lifestyle choices, learn responsibility and gradually gain more independence.

Cascade Bicycle Club and Group Health have partnered together to bring the Basics of Bicycling education program to students in elementary schools throughout the Puget Sound region. Students in grades 3-5 will have the opportunity to participate in a two-week bike safety program where they will learn important bicycle handling skills and rules of the road. All instruction will occur in a controlled environment as a part of the student’s physical education class – either inside the gym or on the school’s playground.

  • The Basics of Bicycling curriculum teaches:
  • Proper helmet fitting and bike safety check
  • Bike handling skills and hazard avoidance drills (rock dodge, quick stop)
  • Rules of the road and traffic safety (including entering and exiting driveways, right of way, lane positioning and traffic signals)

If time and resources allow, students may also learn to ride if they do not already know how. The curriculum culminates with a Bike Rodeo, where students practice their new skills on a combined skills course!
We are excited to bring this program to your school, and to encourage both students and their families to safely ride together. Please help us develop smart riders by reinforcing safe riding with your child at home. On the back of this letter, you will find tips for correctly fitting your helmet. Please use this tool as a resource as you and your family prepare to ride.

Learn more here on how to properly fit your helmet.